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African Series Of Poker


Here is the full guide for the African Series Of Poker: * 29.01.17: 17h00 - DSO Omaha (Buy in- 8,000 Chips - 30,000 Rounds - 20 mins)

African Series Of Poker2017-05-21T18:36:10+04:00

8 reasons to be happy to go back to school


You think going back to school only has disadvantages? Here's why you are wrong:   1. Meet your school buddies Or should we say...your partners in crime? You've got so many memories with them and

8 reasons to be happy to go back to school2017-05-21T18:36:10+04:00

5 Facts about Heineken beer


If you love this beverage, go ahead and check theses surprising Heineken beer facts (with our humorous touch of course) :   1. Heineken beer contains only 3 ingredients. The beer's original recipe contains only

5 Facts about Heineken beer2017-05-21T18:36:10+04:00

6 types of poker players


We have listed for you the most common types of poker players found around the tables: The rookie The rookie is a naive player who will play every hand. It seems he does not know the fold option

6 types of poker players2017-05-21T18:36:10+04:00

ASOP Mega Sat


Hear, hear! The Mega Sat of the African Series Of Poker for this month will be held on Sunday 6th November at 20h30. The buy in and re buy are at Rs 10,000. If you want

ASOP Mega Sat2017-05-21T18:36:10+04:00

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Special offer for our bowling friends and fans! We are giving away 50 free bowling vouchers to our new subscribers. How to participate? Simply submit your Email address on our website here, and you will be eligible

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