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10 signs you are a lazy person


Are you a lazy person? Here are a few signs that can help you identify if you are a procrastinator: 1. You'll always find a good reason to postpone any kind of sport session. Yeah

10 signs you are a lazy person2017-09-26T17:22:23+04:00

10 things to know about football fans


Let's explore the universe of the hardcore football fans, a species that  If you are one, you will most certainly recognize yourself. If not, you have surely come across quite a few... Bad things: They

10 things to know about football fans2017-08-23T15:08:14+04:00

10 signs you are fun to be around


How to know if you're a fun person? If you check at least 5 items on this list, it means you're fun!  8-) 1. You're always up for a good plan An improvised plan at

10 signs you are fun to be around2017-06-25T21:43:01+04:00

Top 7 bowling excuses


We all know that one friend who’s really bad at bowling and who uses at least one of those ridiculous bowling excuses! Or maybe you are that person :D   - "I got distracted" It

Top 7 bowling excuses2017-05-21T18:36:09+04:00
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