If you’re wondering whether or not you should attend company team building activities, this article is for you!


1. Get to know your co-workers.

You spend most of your time sitting beside them, but how much do you know the people you work with? Out of your working environment, those people may surprise you 🙂



2. Make fun of your boss

If your company has organised team building activities it means that every one will be doing them. Including your boss. And if he makes a fool of himself, you certainly don’t want to miss that…



3. Talk to that cute girl/boy you like

You know that cute girl/boy from the other department you always wanted to talk to? Well this is your chance! Nothing better than these moments with your colleagues: you’re all relax, having fun… Go talk to her/him! Plus if there’s an open bar, you could sit around a drink and get to know each other 😉



4. Have fun, at the expense of the company.

Free food/booze! Do we need to say more?




5. They will talk about you if you don’t come!

“Why didn’t he/she come? She probably thinks she’s better than us…” Come on we know your colleagues are not that mean. But just to be sure, better be coming at that event and have a good laugh with the others.



6. Show how awesome you are.

Have you ever felt like some of your talent is being wasted? If you have always wanted to show your colleagues how agile and sharp you are, this is your moment.



7. The next day

Last but not least, the next day at the office will be full of people laughing at jokes you don’t understand, referring to awesome moments you have missed, and that could last for a few weeks!



Now that you’ve been convinced, why not come organize your next company team building activities at Le Lucky Strike? Yes! we do that too! Contact us for more info 😉