If you love this beverage, go ahead and check theses surprising Heineken beer facts (with our humorous touch of course) :


1. Heineken beer contains only 3 ingredients.

The beer’s original recipe contains only 3 natural ingredients: barley, hops, and water. Who would have thought it’s that simple? Let’s all leave our jobs and brew our own beer! 😉

P.S It’s only a joke. Do not leave your job and open your own beer business. It’s not that simple. We repeat: IT’S NOT THAT SIMPLE.



2. Heineken is vegan friendly.

Drunk vegans, rejoice! There are no animal products used to make the beer or for the filtration process.  Hurrah! You can finally enjoy your beer with no stress of finding a piece of meat in your drink. 😀




3. Heineken is the Official Beer of the Formula One.

Tyler Hamilton and co. are now compelled to celebrate their wins by showering Heineken beer all over the place.

Just kidding, it’s still Champagne. But it’s true that Heineken is the Official Beer of the Formula One and it also was the major sponsor of the UEFA Champions League. If you’re a football fan, you know what we’re talking about.




4. Heineken developed a special yeast for its beer.

Can you imagine this? This bacteria has been developed, with the sole purpose of giving your beer a better taste. Let’s  take a moment, to recognize and honor their hard work by savoring every sip! 🙂



5. Heineken is more than 150 years old.

So this beer has seen two world wars, the birth and death of Michael Jackson, the rise and fall of the Jonas Brothers as a band (okay, not a good example of a long time), and even the election of an orange president… If the beer survived all that, it must be a good one.



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