You think going back to school only has disadvantages? Here’s why you are wrong:


1. Meet your school buddies

Or should we say…your partners in crime? You’ve got so many memories with them and you haven’t seen some of them in a while. There’s so many crazy things to do this year together!


2. Pocket money

While it sure is fun to have holidays, at some point you’ll surely start to be low on cash. What’s good with school coming is that you’ll get pocket money everyday! And hey, it’s a new year, so why not ask your parents a little raise 😉


3. A break from boredom (home)

Of course, it’s fun at start. Just staying in front of TV all day long… But after a while, it can get really boring. At least at school, there’s always something going on: a teacher making a funny mistake, your friends being silly while you have a free period.


4. Sports

If you like sports, you will certainly have more opportunities to express yourself now that school has returned: Football, volleyball, athletics…


5. Deep conversations

You spend a lot of  time together and your friends have seen you and been there for you during the best and the worst moments. All those deep conversations surely creates strong bonds between you 🙂


6. Learn new things

Ok, maybe maths is not your cup of tea, with all those annoying numbers and fractions… But there are more interesting subjects. Maybe you like to draw. And how about those cool stuff you can do in science classes?


7. See your crush

School is a good pretext to go out so you can meet this girl/boy you’ve been thinking about all holidays! Whether he/she’s in your class or you only see her at the bus stop, it’s your moment! Grab your chance!




8. Le Lucky Strike is still here!

Still not convinced? Well if you absolutely don’t want to go back to school and there is nothing we can do to change your mind, Le Lucky Strike is still here to entertain you  😀


So don’t lose hope and join us whenever you have some free time 😉