What follows is a humorous way of describing people by identifying their favourite drink.



You are a simple person. What matters most to you are your friends, and as long as they’re there, you know you’ll have a good  time. You like to live your life with no worries. Hakuna Matata my friend!




You have class. And taste! You know what you want in life. Cheap booze? How can people drink that… Your delicate palate accepts only the finest drinks. A martini with olives is what you deserve!




You’re a professional drinker. Gone are the days when you just wanted to get completely wasted. Now you like to appreciate the good things in life, and enjoying a Whisky on the rocks is certainly part of it!




You want to forget your week. You’ve been busy working or studying, putting your social life aside for long enough. Time to enjoy a sweet and light beverage!




You are here to dance. You like to show off your moves, but this needs some fuel. Whatever big issues you are having in your life, dancing is (part 0f) the solution.



Long Island Ice Tea

You want to get wasted. Your idea of a good Saturday night is to get completely drunk. A weekend without a night out is not an option. Girls (or boys) just wanna have fun! On the other side, the Sunday morning is often a problem for you…



Vodka Red bull

If your favourite drink is vodka, it means you are young! Either your body or your mind is twenty years old. But on the other side you also don’t like to try new things. You won’t be the person who will try this funny-looking, colourful and unknown drink. What you know can’t hurt you right? 😉



You like to feel hot both inside and outside. The sun, the beach, and a sweet, colourful and strong beverage are your elements. As soon as it’s summer and you can put your shorts and sandals, you’re gonna rock the world :p



You can find these beverages at our bar at Le Lucky Strike!