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Ti Vegas is the place for you if you are looking for Casino-type games!

Come and play a large selection of games in a fun and friendly atmosphere. We have games such as slot machines, poker machines, automatic roulette, live games such as Van-Lack (Black-Jack), Sic-Bo (Big and Small) and poker (cash games and tournaments).

Relax and have fun and enjoy.

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    May the flop be with you.

    Ching Ching.

    If you can’t beat them, bluff them.

    Ti Vegas News

    African Series Of Poker

    Here is the full guide for the African Series Of Poker: * 29.01.17: 17h00 - DSO Omaha (Buy in- 8,000 Chips - 30,000 Rounds - 20 mins)

    6 types of poker players

    We have listed for you the most common types of poker players found around the tables: The rookie The rookie is a naive player who will play every hand. It seems

    ASOP Mega Sat

    Hear, hear! The Mega Sat of the African Series Of Poker for this month will be held on Sunday 6th November at 20h30. The buy in and re buy

    Camel Poker Tournament

    Join us for a poker game on Wednesday evenings! The Camel Poker Tournament is played every week at the Ti Vegas Casino. Here are some helpful details: - the

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