We have listed for you the most common types of poker players found around the tables:

  1. The rookie

The rookie is a naive player who will play every hand. It seems he does not know the fold option and could go all-in with a 2-5.  😀 Let’s not be too hard on them and admit we’ve all started there. No one is a pro on his first game.


  1. The overcautious

This player only wants to see strong hands. It’s like cards below queens don’t exist for him. Furthermore he will also be easily scared off by most bluffs. Try to play a little more hands, on some occasions, a 9-10 suited could be a pretty strong hand 😉


  1. The bluffer

The bluffer is the total opposite of the overcautious. He is bold and will go all-in with absolutely nothing at least 3 times in a game, and attempt to scare off his opponents. If he wins, he wins big, but if he loses, he loses all.


  1. The pro wannabe.

The nerd of the poker players. This one has read every book he can, watched all the videos about poker and think he knows everything. He will use complicated poker terms all along during the game and may have learned a thing or two, but it doesn’t mean he is a better player than the others.


  1. The lucky one

Whatever he does, he will always get away with it. Even when highly improbable, he will get away on the river. We all know there’s an element of luck in poker, but this one’s seems to always have it.


  1. The inconsistent

The wild card at a tournament. In a way, he sums up all the other types of poker players. At times he will be puling out crazy bluffs, playing like a pro or can also do huge mistakes of a beginner.


Whether you think you belong to this list of the types of poker players or not, you’re always welcome to join us for a poker game.

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