Get ready for the World Cup!



You’re the type of person who should have at least a good cup of tea every day? Or your best days are usually when it’s rainy and cloudy? Then, England is the team you should be rooting for this World Cup season.


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In France, there’s Paris and Paris is known as the city of love and romance. Well, if you’re a romantic and love when you’re treated with champagne and croissants on your dates, then France is your team to support this year.

Allez! Prepare your “chant de guerre” for these matches




Mohamed Salah. If you’re a Liverpool fan, then that name definitely rings a bell. Well, Mo Salah is from Egypt and what better country to support than the country of origin of your favourite football star.

So, free yourself from everything for these matches




Brazil is the country where samba originated from. So if you’re into dancing and everything involving carnivals, then why not support Brazil?

C’mon, tune in for these confrontations




Imagine a night at the bar. What is the first thing you order to get your night going? If it’s Sangria, then you should definitely be supporting Spain this year.

Get your Sangria glasses ready for these matches




Car enthusiast? In love with every new models of BMW/Mercedes/Audi? The sight of fancy cars on the streets make you swoon? You’ve got Germany!

Get geared up in your white germany shirt and be ready for these matches



Sushi is your all-time favourite food and number one in your heart, forever and always? Support the country who introduced it to the world then, which is Japan. Without them, there’d be no sushi and what is life without sushi.

Get your sushis ready and be ready for their matches



You’re in Mauritius and most of your relatives are settled in Australia and you wished you could have them with you to get in the spirit of the World Cup? What you can do to be with them in mind and spirit is to support the country where they are.

Look forward to these matches




Chocolates. Need i say more? Chocolate is the reason you should support Switzerland. They are ranked first for the best quality chocolates in the world, for that itself, they should win the world cup.

Check out the details of all their matches here


 African countries

You cannot relate to the above and still don’t know who to support? Well, listen to your patriotic heart, support the countries in your own continent. We have these African countries battling this year to be champion of the World Cup: Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal, Tunisia, Morocco.


Whether you support a team or you just want to spend a good time in the World Cup ambience, Le Lucky Strike is the place to be!