Please take a moment to see these bowling disasters

This guy who took a ball too little for his fingers

Always make sure the finger holes fit just right! Or else you might end up on the lane yourself


This girl who just did not get the memo that bowling balls should be rolled, not thrown

Most important thing to know about bowling: roll the ball, don’t throw or this might happen:



This mom who might have given her child a blue eye

Keep your kids away from the approaches when you’re bowling.

They might get in the way and this might happen:

Or they might try to be a bowling ball themselves and try to run down the bowling alley, like this little guy:



This girl who might have broken her back out of happiness

One reminder, bowling alleys are made for bowling balls, not humans; they’re very slippery.



Sometimes, bowling fails might not be so bad…sometimes


You got the memo. Keep these little tips in mind, and come play some rounds of bowling at Le Lucky Strike. Try not to recreate these bowling fails though.