Time spent at a bowling alley can differ very much, depending on your age. Here’s a humorous look at the differences:


5 years old

At the age of 5, bowling can be summarised as pushing the ball down the dragon slider and the rest of your time drinking your fruit juice with the rest of your family.


12 years old

This can be one of your first outings without  your family, only friends… So you just enjoy this newly found freedom and have the maximum fun with your friends


16 years old

For the teenagers, coming to a bowling alley may not mean only bowl… You are here to check out this cute boy/girl too 😉


25 years old

You are young, you’ve started to work and earn some money, and you still have free time to spare. If you have your driver’s licence, you may borrow your parents’ car to go out and come home later than before. Before bowling, you go hit the bar for a drink.


40 years old

At 40, things have changed. You have responsibilities now. While having a drink you still have to keep an eye on the kid running around… The bowling alley have now become a family thing!


65 years old

At 65 years old, your time at a bowling alley may often be watching the little ones. The comfy sofas in the lounge seem made for you even if a strike or two won’t hurt 😉


Whether you’re a young, first time bowler, or an old veteran playing bowling like a champion, remember that age doesn’t matter, and that youth is a state of mind! We would welcome all of you with open arms here at Le Lucky Strike.