Make her breakfast in bed

This month is dedicated to mothers, so you better spoil your mum to the fullest! And what better way to do that than to show her some love her the moment she wakes up. Prepare her a nice special breakfast that will make your mum feel pampered and loved.

Treat her for a spa day

Why not surprise your mum by giving her a spa experience – a day of pampering, attention, and relaxation that will make her look as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside? We guarantee that mum will automatically grant you the title of “favourite child” after receiving a present like this!  😆

Plan a day out

What does mum love more than receiving gifts from her kids? Spending time with them! Be sure to make time for your mum this month… There’s nothing like mother-child quality time for her! You can plan a day out full of all the favourite things she loves doing, like shopping or just a simple day at the beach ; anything that will make her happy.

Cook her something amazing

Mothers deserve a day off from cooking. So, what you can do to make her day relaxed is find the best recipe of her favourite dish and be the chef for the night. She will definitely enjoy getting a break from the kitchen and be served with this delicious meal she likes.

Bring her to Le Lucky Strike

A card may have been the best gift your mother received from you when you were five but you’ve outgrown the boring stuff: you can now take her bowling! At Le Lucky Strike, you can spend quality time with your mummy to make her day extra special and unique. We are sure she will have an amazing time playing a round of bowling and just hang out with the family all-together.