1. Sleep has now become your best friend

Sleep has gone from being your nemesis that you try to avoid to being your best friend. You even dream about sleeping now.

2. You use a budget now

Gone are the days when you did not bother about your spending. Now, you actually sit down, write out your budget and actually stick to it (or try to).

3. Christmas is not like it used to be

When you were a kid, Christmas used to be the best day ever. Now, it doesn’t really have the same meaning; it just means you’re getting a day off work and you have to buy gifts for everyone.

4. You’re always tired

“I’m just tired”, is the most common phrase out of your mouth. You just want to spend most of your weekends doing nothing and lounge around.

5. You book your own appointments

It’s no more mum’s duty to book your doctor’s appointment, you do it yourself and you go there on your own, like the adult that you are.

6. You have to spend more on transport fares now

It is starting to get annoying, how much you have to spend on travelling bus fares. You now have to pay full instead of using your student pass.

7. You have much more serious conversations now

Conversations are now much more deeper and revolves around real world problems.

8. You don’t get to see your friends as often

When we were in high school, you get to see your friends everyday. But adult life is different, you spend your time trying to find a day when all of your friends are free to meet up, and that rarely happens.

9. Le Lucky Strike means more than bowling

You know you’re fully grown up when you don’t come to Le Lucky Strike only for the bowling game, it’s also for a few drinks and the perfect place to just chill.