African Series Of Poker


Here is the full guide for the African Series Of Poker: * 29.01.17: 17h00 - DSO Omaha (Buy in- 8,000 Chips - 30,000 Rounds - 20 mins)

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6 types of poker players


We have listed for you the most common types of poker players found around the tables: The rookie The rookie is a naive player who will play every hand. It seems he does not know the fold option

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ASOP Mega Sat


Hear, hear! The Mega Sat of the African Series Of Poker for this month will be held on Sunday 6th November at 20h30. The buy in and re buy are at Rs 10,000. If you want

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Camel Poker Tournament


Join us for a poker game on Wednesday evenings! The Camel Poker Tournament is played every week at the Ti Vegas Casino. Here are some helpful details: - the tournament starts at 20.30 every Wednesday. -

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African Series of Poker


Poker players, gather around! The next edition of the African Series of Poker will be held at the Ti Vegas Casino. After having successfully hosted a WPT National event in 2011 and 2012, and Deep Stack Open

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Ti Vegas Poker Tournament


Earlier this month, the long-awaited Ti Vegas Poker Tournament finally took place. As expected, it was a huge success! 132 participants entered the competition to win the jackpot. The end results? After days and nights

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Sit n Go Poker Tournament


Enter our Sit n Go Satellite Turbo 10 poker tournament this Saturday 27th August between 9 p.m and 3 a.m and get the chance to win tickets for our Ti Vegas Poker Tournament (2nd - 4th September). The

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