Here we are! 2017 has finally come to its end and the new year is here. And with it comes a lot of parties, laugh, fun, fireworks, and of  course, New year resolutions. You know, those changes we always think about at the end of each year, that we want to do in our lives for the next year. Here are a few suggestions for (most of) us:

More exercise

Exercising is of course very important for your health. The number of benefits are simply unlimited: it keeps you fit, burns calories, helps relieve stress, just to name a few. So unless you’re already a sports junkie, you should exercise more!


More fun

One of our rules at Le Lucky Strike is that there is never too much fun. Therefore, for 2018. we would like you to have as much laughs, smiles, good times as possible. Think you can do it?


Meet with people you like more

Another excellent suggestion for your new year resolutions is to hang out with the persons you love. Stop neglecting them! Go out together and do things you like. No more hesitations, do it!


Never stop bowling

It is in our (humble) opinion, the best sport ever. It also is the most fun and entertaining (according to our very serious sources  😉  ). So without question, you should have a regular dose of bowling for your well-being.


So let’s think… how could you do all these things at the same time? We have the perfect answer: come to Le Lucky Strike! Bowling makes you exercise; you most certainly will have fun; it is an ideal place to hang out and meet people, and of course your bowling game level will only get better!!

Happy New Year to everyone! Much love <3