1. Go to the beach

Summer holidays would surely be incomplete without at least a day at the beach. There’s so much activities to do there: swimming, play some volleyball, or simply lying on the sand and enjoying the sun…


2. Hiking in nature

Now that’s a healthy option! A walk in nature, disconnected from our busy world, climaxing with a breathtaking view of our island… If you find this tiring, remember, there are no shortcuts to any place worth going!


3. Play video games

Video games have now taken a huge place with the young generation. If you left your console aside the past few weeks due to the exams, it’s time to unleash the beast 😛



4. Cinema session(s)

Superhero movies? romantic comedies? Horror films? You have a great choice available, for everyone’s taste! Speaking of taste, how great is a bag full of hot and fresh popcorn  😛



5. End of year Shopping

Shopping for the end of year parties with your bestie is an essential for the holidays. More than a hobby, it’s a need  😎



6. Lunch with friends

How about a little gathering, in a nice restaurant with your favourite peeps? Sometimes it’s better to go simple 😉



7. Play football

A football match with your friends is an awesome way of spending your Sunday afternoon. Go out and express your passion!



8. Bored games

If it’s raining outside, no better time to take the dust off your boxes of bored games. There is usually a great choice of games in every house: playing cards, Monopoly, Scrabble…



9. Go on an adventure

Do something you have never done before. For these few weeks, try something that you always wanted but you never did. Get out of your comfort zone! Go make new friends, try cooking, learn to play a music instrument… The experience will be amazing!



10. Bowling

You really thought you could spend your holidays without at least one bowling game? Hurry up, join us at Le Lucky Strike, and bring as many friends as you can  😆