Halloween’s behind the door… One thing we like about this party is the dressing up. If you haven’t yet chosen your Halloween costume, this article is for you! Below are simple, improvised and easy ways to make costumes. Pick one!

1. Mummy


You can make a pretty awesome Mummy costume using only toilet paper and bandages.



2. 60’s Rocker


A leather jacket, a white shirt and some wax for your hair is all you need to look like a 60s Rocker


3. Minnie Mouse


Dressing up as this cute mouse is a very simple Halloween costume. A red skirt and a black top are the essential components.


4. Tourist


A straw hat, a flowered shirt, short and sandals, and you are ready to explore all the Halloween parties around!


5. Message board


Simply glue some Post-it on a plain top and you’ll look like a perfect message board.

Bonus: bring a few plain Post-its and a pen along with you so people can write messages to you 😉


6. Life’s a witch.


Wear all black, from top to bottom, and a pointy hat, and that’s it.


7. YouTube Makeup tutorial


No need to buy any costume or props. A skull makeup can be easily learned on YouTube 😉

8. Bed Sheet Ghost


This one is a classic. A white bed sheet, 2 holes for the eyes and you’re ready!

9. Life give you lemons


Here’s a funny one: Put on a shirt with life written on it, grab a few lemons and go to your party. When people look at you, hand them lemons.


10. Killer Housewife

killer housewife

Add some random red paint stains on a white apron, put it on a dress, take a pair of oven mitts and you’re good to go!


Now that you’ve found you’re Halloween costume, there’s still one issue: where will you go, to show off you’re nice costume? Le Lucky Strike’s Halloween Party of course!