Let’s explore the universe of the hardcore football fans, a species that  If you are one, you will most certainly recognize yourself. If not, you have surely come across quite a few…

Bad things:

They blame the referee for all their woes.

Team losing? Bad refree. Player injured? Refree’s fault. Rain’s falling? Still the refree…

red card


They can’t stop talking about football when they meet.

And it can go on for hours… there’s just no way stopping them.



Don’t even think of switching channels while they are watching a game.

Do you want a world war? That’s how you start a world war.

family fight


They are incredibly biased.

A player they were cursing a few months back will be lauded as the best in the world if they join their team. Classic.



They are in a bad mood after their team loses.

And this can last for days. They’ll be devastated. Deal with it.



Good things:

Football fans are extremely loyal.

No matter what happens, they will always have their team’s back. Even if their favourite players leave and they keep losing matches, they’ll stick to their team.



They are very humble.

Especially the next few days after their team lost a big game…you won’t see a more humble or quiet person around.  😀



They will make new friends easily.

When you are new at school or work, being a football fan can often help you make new friends, because they’re everywhere.  😉

new friend


They have a very good memory.

They will remember every name of the players in their team. And not only the main squad, but also the youngsters and the ones retired also.



They are passionate.

And you will be able to hear and witness this passion especially late at night. When you have to wake up early next morning. All the neighbourhood will witness it.

football fans


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