4(x2) reasons to come to Le Lucky Strike’s 4th Birthday Party

1.There’ll be gifts

What is a birthday party without gifts? To mark the occasion, our team will be giving away loads of gifts. Free stuff! How can you miss that?!

free stuff



2. It’ll be fun!

You know how (much) we take fun seriously. We want you to have a good time and we can guarantee that you’ll enjoy yourself! Bowling, good music, friends, gifts, surprises and much more… Remember, this is party for you 🙂

dance happy


3. It happens only once a year :mrgreen:

If you miss it, you’ll have to wait 365 more days till our next birthday! Another valid reason why you should not miss our amazing 3 days long birthday party!


4. You can bowl

Our bowling alleys will be operational as always. This means that you will be able to party with us AND bowl at the same time. Tempting, right?


5. It would be rude not to come

Of course it would! by reading this blog, you’re now officially invited to our party. If you don’t come we will know!  😡

we know


6. The pins will be sad 🙁

The pins will be sad if you don’t come over to party with them. Come on it’s their birthday!


7. You will meet new people

Attending social gatherings is usually a good opportunity to meet new people. Now imagine a party at the most fun place around! Make new friends who share the same passion as you: bowling! 😀

new friend


8. The place to be this weekend


WARNING: Next week everyone around you, at work or with friends, may be talking about how it was an awesome party, and how those who missed it will never know it…seriously, don’t miss it 😛