How to know if you’re a fun person? If you check at least 5 items on this list, it means you’re fun!  😎

1. You’re always up for a good plan

An improvised plan at the last minute? Something you’ve never done before? Let’s do it!You rarely turn down any offer and that makes you a person you can count on to have fun.

just do it


2. You laugh/smile a lot

You are easily amused by little things. You will laugh at any joke and your mood is often contagious. Why would people hate you?

minion laugh


3. You make people laugh

You have a good sense of humour. Even your worst jokes are still worth a smile. Keep up the good job!



4. You dance everywhere

This is a sign that you don’t care what people think of you. You just want to enjoy yourself and no one’s gonna stop you from doing it!



5. Your friends don’t have a good time unless you’re here

If you can’t make it for some reasons, your friends will really miss you, some might say the group doesn’t function well without you.



6. You’re spontaneous

You live by the quote “Best moments happen when they are unplanned”. Your character amazes people and they like to be around you.



7. You always think positive

You’re always here to cheer your buddies up, giving good advice and encouraging them. Your positivity is so infectious that you make everything enjoyable and pleasant.



8. You are not lazy

Keeping it low and quiet in the corner is not your style. At a party or around your friends, you must be around either dancing, fooling around or telling jokes. Never doze off!

hyper active


9. You have a lot of stories to tell

And you know how to tell them. You are a born speaker! When you start talking everyone listens and lives the story with you.



10. You come to Le Lucky Strike often

That one surely is an unmistakable sign you know how to have fun 😀 Bowl, chill and drinks, that’s how you roll!