We all know that one friend who’s really bad at bowling and who uses at least one of those ridiculous bowling excuses! Or maybe you are that person 😀


– “I got distracted”

It probably happened because you were watching that hot girl/guy at the bar. Stop watching cute girls/guys walking by and focus on your bowling!



– “I lost my balance”

Why not just say that you drank too much beer at the bar. Okay we can’t be too hard on you for that one. Keep having fun mate!



– “Today is not my day”

It’s never your day isn’t it? Some additional bowling sessions are clearly needed to transform this apparent lack of luck into success on the lanes.

bad week


– “My shoes were untied”

So your shoes got untied just when you were about to throw the ball. What a coincidence right? Here’s a tutorial for you:

shoe tie


– “It’s not my fault if the lane is damaged”

How dare you criticize our perfect lanes? :O



– “I’m wearing the wrong shoe size”

How come this never happen when you go shoe shopping? Hmm? Your argument is not valid.



– “My fingers got stuck in the ball”

Oh now it’s the ball’s fault? Maybe it should have adjusted to your fingers?



Here are some more bowling excuses you probably heard:
– “Monn fer par expre rate, mo ti p donn twa enn l’avance la!”
– “Mo pa tro en form zordi la – Mo lekip football in gagne bate hier”
– “Zot p tro deconcentre mwa!”
– “Aio mo lebra!”