Want to nail your next bowling game and impress all your friends? Here are 5 simple, yet useful tips you need to know to become a pro at bowling!

1. Hold the ball correctly

This one may seem pretty obvious to some, but not everyone knows the proper technique. Your middle and ring finger  should be in the 2 holes found at the top, and place your thumb into the bottom hole. Yeah, so you basically do the metal sign.


2. Focus on your balance

No, not your bank account balance. Here we’re talking about body balance. As in any sport, good balance leads to good results. Ideally, with only your legs and your bowling arm moving during your approach, you will maintain good balance, improve your accuracy and your bowling scores.



3. Ball placement

One thing to keep in mind when aiming for a strike is that you should first hit the front pins, which will in turn fall to hit all the other pins at the back. So, focus on the front pins first and the rest will follow.  Like dominoes falling one after the other. Yup. That easy.



4. Release the ball

Swing your ball arm smoothly back and then forward to release the ball. Release the ball when your arm has moved as far forward as it can go. We said forward not upward.

bowling fail


5. Practice, practice, practice!

Like with any skill, practice makes perfect. We have no better advice to give you than going bowling as often as you can. Oh! What a coincidence, we have a bowling alley waiting for you at Le Lucky Strike  😮 


Whether you’re a pro or just a casual bowler, the most important is to have fun!