It’s official: Grand Bay’s the best!

1. The beach

Are you in need of vitamin sea? If you wish to spend some quality time barefoot in the sand, with salty hair and tanned skin, Grand Bay is the solution you need. If you don’t care for a swim, you can still enjoy a nice picnic with the sea view… Doesn’t it smell like holidays?



2. The only coastal town around

While being very popular for tourists, Grand Bay is indeed a unique coastal town Mauritius has to offer. Would you mind relaxing by the beach, sea breeze in your hair after a hectic day in shopping malls with your friends and family? Where else could you do that ?



3. A cosmopolitan place

If you wish to have a cultural trip, you may be satisfied with what Grand Bay has to offer! From the boys on striding hastily on their bicycles by the beach, fishermen waiting patiently by the sea, women in their sarees going to a nearby wedding, tourists on the beach enjoying the warm weather… They form a unique blend of cultural diversity that you should enjoy 😉

different people


4. There’s always something going on

It’s a fact, you can always find some place in Grand Bay to have fun. Whether it is at the beach for a swim or an event, wandering in the shopping malls, a delicious meal in a fancy restaurants, nightclubs, its the perfect place to pamper yourself, have fun… You will never get bored here.

 beach party


5. Le Lucky Strike

Last but not least, your favourite place to bowl and have fun is found in Grand Bay! So that’s how it works: open a group chat with your friends, meet up in Grand Bay, have a nice meal, bowl for some time, and end the day at the beach!