The following list details what are the qualities you can find in a guy playing pool.

1. They are patient

Even though all they want is to finally sink the 8-ball, they will wait until the end of the game to do it. Such patience can prove very useful in a relationship.



2. They are in shape

With all the stretching, bending and movements required while playing pool, it guarantees a certain level of fitness (for a regular player of course).  So long story short, he will be able to follow you all day for shopping or any other physical activities required 😉


3. They are loyal

Whether he will be playing solid or stripes, he will stick to playing only one type. No matter how attractive the other balls may look he won’t play them. See where we are going with this? 😉

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4. They solve problems

The idea of the game is to clear each one of your balls from the table. If we apply the same principle for a relationship, a pool player will want everything to be clear and will try to solve every single problems out there.


5. They are agile

Saying that playing pool requires sharpness and dexterity is nothing new. Going out with a good pool player means going out with a guy who’s agile, and if you are clumsy, it could be very helpful.


6. They are passionate.

Needless to say, playing the game requires passion. Trying to be the best and constantly pushing your limit to improve are qualities sought in a relationship.




How to approach a pool player: If you’re interested in a guy who plays pool, just ask him to show you how to play! He will gladly accept, you will be very close to him, and who knows what this can lead to…


So…looking for a place where to meet these guys? Le Lucky Strike of course!